ProBloCh is building a purpose-designed project platform, cybereum, to host projects (, and ai applications (

ProBloCh is building a purpose-designed project platform, cybereum, to host projects (, and ai applications (

Megaprojects are a significant and growing portion of global GDP accounting for several trillion dollars (USD) of economic activity each year. They deliver critical industrial and infrastructure developments that underpin modern society.

Most are inefficient: approximately one in a thousand projects is a success, defined as on target for cost, scope and benefits, accounting for trillions in costs and unrealized benefits.

On the cybereum™ platform, you can create self-regulating project networks of stakeholders & milestones referencing a consensus-based, distributed single-source-of-truth with the property of trustless verification, where contract execution & value exchange can be automated.

The project will become a responsive symbiotic goal-seeking organism holistically comprised of all stakeholders. We are creating its nervous system by combining incentive engineering, cryptographic methods, & AI.




Blockchain Encoded Project Governance Platform -
  • Self-regulating project governance -
    • shared ledgers distributed across participants
    • autonomic change detection & notification
  • Multidimensional Blockchain
  • Verifiable Single-source-of-truth for complex projects


  • Patent 1 - Platform Patent: Link
  • Patent 2 - Method & Algorithm: Link
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Authenticated stakeholders & collaborative governance
  • Unique Public Key Identifiers for each participant & project
  • Participant contributions & agreements can be tracked with built-in probity
  • Participants include entities such as companies, individuals, and can include external stakeholders
  • Verifiable participation & collaboration with external stakeholders such as government bodies & local communities allows for ESG goal attainment promotes project success for all stakeholders
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Project Services & Data Analytics -
  • Dataset grows w/ projects in Project Blockchain Networks on Platform
  • Rich nonrepudiable project datasets with provenance
  • Data Analytics applications - Leverage growing Dataset:
    • Machine Learning for project performance prediction
    • Classification/Clustering to identify key project milestones & project classes
    • Project milestone and participant network analytics
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Platform, Network effects, 2-sided market
  • “LinkedIn” of projects
  • Binds work records to project contributors with provenance
  • Verifiable track record and value creation for projects
  • Asset backed tokens created from real value
  • Platform for project services - 2 sided market
    • subcontractors & service providers w/ projects
    • App Developers w/ projects
    • Project finance w/ developers
    • Project assets w/ buyers
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