The cybereum Web3 platform will reduce the cost and schedule overruns in capital projects by using DLT for collaboration (, and AI applications for forecasting (

The cybereum Web3 platform will reduce the cost and schedule overruns in capital projects by using DLT for collaboration (, and AI applications for forecasting (

Projects are a significant and growing portion of global GDP accounting for several trillion dollars (USD) a year. They deliver critical industrial and infrastructure that are connected to complex supply chains and underpin modern society.

Most projects are inefficient: approximately one in a thousand is a success accounting for trillions in costs and unrealized benefits.

On the cybereum™ platform, you can create self-regulating project networks of stakeholders & milestones referencing a consensus-based, distributed single-source-of-truth with the property of trustless verification, where contract execution & value exchange can be automated.

The project will become a responsive symbiotic goal-seeking organism holistically comprised of all stakeholders. We are creating its nervous system by combining incentive engineering, cryptographic methods, & AI.




  • Self-regulating project governance -
    • Autonomic change detection & notification
    • Unique Public Key Identifiers for projects, participants & external stakeholders
    • Auditable ESG goal tracking
  • Multidimensional Blockchain for non-linear work flows
  • Verifiable Single-source-of-truth for complex multi-party projects


  • Patent 1 (Granted) - Platform Patent: Link
  • Patent 2 (Granted) - Method & Algorithm: Link
  • Patent 3 - Secure IoT communication with Blockchain
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Supply chains
  • Self-regulating supply chains
    • Unique Public Key Identifiers for each participant & node in the supply chain
    • contributions can be tracked with built-in probity
    • Multidimensional Blockchain for non-linear supply chains
    • Verifiable Single-source-of-truth for complex supply chains
  • Participants include entities such as companies, individuals, and can include external stakeholders
  • Verifiable tracking of sourcing, carbon credits, auditable ESG goal attainment
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AI & Project Services
  • Machine Learning models for project performance forecasting
  • AI for project network analysis
  • Dataset grows w/ projects in Project Blockchain Networks on cybereum
  • Data Analytics applications - Leverage growing Dataset:
    • ML for project performance prediction
    • ML for supply chain predictive analysis
    • Classification/Clustering to identify key project milestones, & supply chain nodes
    • Project milestone and participant network analytics
    • Supply chain network analysis
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Platform, Network effects
  • Blockchain-based trusted Business Network
  • Binds work records to authenticated contributors with provenance
  • Verifiable track record and value addition
  • Asset backed tokens created from real value
  • Platform for services - 2 sided market
    • subcontractors & service providers w/ projects
    • App Developers w/ projects
    • Project finance w/ developers
    • Project assets w/ buyers
    • Project assets w/ supply chains
    • Suppliers and consumers across supply chains
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