The Project Networks below show the realization of a key novelty, the Blockchain Encoding of Project networks where a block may have multiple processors or multiple successors.

The change to any one block will require changes to all its successors due to the hash chain, making possible tamper-resistance, and decentralized notification to change affected milestones.

It also shows valuable insights from Data Analytics algorithms developed by us for Project Networks, through the linked files at the top of the network page.

In the functional implementation of the Platform, additional blocks will result from authenticated, endorsed input transactions from project participants identified by their public keys, and these networks will provide a decentralized single-source of-truth with verifiable commitment to all participants.

Smart Contracts linked to the participants and authenticated by their digital signatures will be present at each milestone block.

Thus, any change to a project network block will notify, and require consensus from all affected parties in that node and downstream of it.

There will be two Hash Pointer Linked Networks: the planned and the actual networks.

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